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Free Lunchtime Tours,

Evening Talks and Summer Excursions 2018


Free lunchtime tours of the Museum and Art Gallery take place at 1.00pm


Evening talks take place at 7.00pm on the second Tuesday in the month in the Newport Art Gallery,

John Frost Square, Newport NP20 1PA. All talks and walks are free to Members, otherwise £2.00


9 January : "Swaps" - The David Hurn Gift

Bronwen Colquhoun, Senior Curator of Photography, National Museum Wales


13 February : Prehistoric Finds in South East Wales

Elizabeth Walker, Head of Collections, National Museum Wales


13 March : The Story of St. Woolos Cathedral

Jeremy Knight, Former Inspector of Ancient Monuments, English Heritage, CADW


10 April : The Work of Bert Thomas and Other First World War Artists and Illustrators

David Mayer, Former Lecturer in Graphic Communication & Design History, University of South Wales



Summer Excursions and Events


Saturday 19 May : A Tour of Pontypool Museum

Meet at Pontypool Museum at 2pm. Parking available in Museum carpark

The admission charge is £4 for adults/£3 concessions & children accompanied by an adult are free.



Saturday 16 June : A Tour of the Hans Feibusch Murals at Newport Civic Centre and Original Cartoons held in the Art Gallery

Barbara Bartl, Museum and Art Gallery Manager, Newport City Council

Civic Centre - 10.30am, Art Gallery - 12.15pm


Saturday 30 June : A Tour of St. Woolos Cathedral

Jeremy Knight, Former Inspector of Ancient Monuments, English Heritage, CADW

Meet 2.00pm at Cathedral


11 September : The Job of a Cadw Field Monument Warden in South East Wales

Dr. Amelia Pannett, Field Monument Warden, Historic Environment Branch, Cadw


9 October : The Catacombs of Anubis at North Saqqara

Professor Paul Nicholson, Professor of Archaeology, School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University


13 November : Chartism - An Update

Les James, Editor, Chartism Magazine


11 December : The Role of St. Woolos Hospital During the First World War

Peter Strong, Gwent County History Association



Other events and talks at the The Museum and Art Gallery can be found by going to their What's On page

Our Last Talk


Professor Paul Nicholson


The Catacombs of Anubis

at North Saqqara


Mummies of animals and birds were placed as votive offerings in catacombs at Saqqara. Such mummified animals were found in all parts of the country and a wide range of animals were mummified during the late Egyptian period which also ran on into the Roman period. The animals were mummified and placed in catacombs as an offering to the gods which the animals represented. In the case of dogs there was the jackal deity Anubis who was the god of embalming and the dead and portrayed with a jackal head. Most probably ‘pilgrims’ came to the temple site and paid for an offering. Paul Nicholson and his fellow archaeologists worked with torch light in the dark in humid underground galleries. Most of the animals were dogs in these catacombs but there were also jackals, cats, foxes, mongooses and two falcons. The dogs were 0-6 months and were presumably bred for the cult which was surmised because most were males. It was calculated that there could have been 8 million if all catacombs in the area were filled. Later in history many of the catacombs were cleared and it is postulated that this was because mummified remains were a valuable source of manure.


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