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Tuesday, 16 July 2019



A Guided tour of the Transporter Bridge


Emma Newrick

Fusion Project


Object of the Week

Linch-pin terminal from Raglan

Linch-pin terminal from Raglan

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Linch-pins are decorative and functional objects, which held the wheel of an Iron Age chariot in place. The linch-pin shaft would have been iron, capped with decorative bronze terminals, such as this example. The terminal is decorated with a central triangular motif, flanked by two circular designs. It dates from approximately 100 BC to AD 100.

Newport Museum & Art Gallery are members of The British Association of Friends of Museums


Who are the Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery (FoNMAG)?

FoNMAG is an independent group. The Friends’ role is one of SUPPORT for the cultural provision of Newport Museum and Art Gallery provided by Newport Council. The Friends’ Association supports the preservation, presentation and development of the collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery in cooperation with its management and staff. We aim to promote awareness of, and stimulate interest in, Newport Museum and Art Gallery within the community.

Why does Newport Museum and Art Gallery deserve your support?

Newport Museum and Art Gallery was founded over 125 years ago and its collections cover the City of Newport as well as the preserved county of Gwent and present day Monmouthshire. Newport Museum and Art Gallery has undergone difficult times in the past few years and unfortunately, the situation is only going to worsen, with crippling local government cuts set to hit Wales over the coming years.

What will you receive by becoming a member?

Each year the committee set in place an events programme which will cover both historical and art related subjects (Click here). At present it is intended that there shall be eight talks per year, although there is always the possibility of additional events being added.  There will also be Summer walks and visits. Members will also receive a newsletter. The committee look forward to welcoming you at our next gathering and getting to know others that share our commitment to the region's heritage.

Presentation of

J. F. Mullock Drawing

On December 9th 2015 the Newport Museum and Art Gallery's Chartist Collection took possession of a pencil portrait of William Addams Williams M.P. by James Flewitt Mullock.  This purchase was made possible by funds collected by the Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery

The portrait was kindly unveiled by David Addams Williams, a direct descendent of the sitter.


Exhibition : Newport Transporter Bridge

Ongoing - Museum Mezzanine

Born out of Newport’s huge success and growth in the late 1800s, the Transporter Bridge has dominated the skyline of the city for 110 years. Built to accommodate the tallest sailing ships, yet also transport motor cars, the Transporter Bridge is one of the last structures of the days of sail but one of the first of the motor age.


Today, the Transporter Bridge is a working monument to Newport’s rich maritime and industrial heritage. Described by Cadw as ‘a structure of exceptional interest’, the Bridge is the best example of a transporter bridge in Britain and one of only eight historic transporter bridges left in the world.


The exhibition features a range of items and images from the construction and operation of the Transporter Bridge and artworks inspired by it. Highlights include: photographs documenting the Bridge’s construction; an industrial basket used to carry workers; a silver trowel used to the lay the foundation stone; film footage of the opening ceremony and digital projections of the original plans.

To keep up to date with what is on, please visit the Museum & Art Gallery web site.

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