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21 May 2024


Six Highlights of the Newport Museum Collection

An exploration of six important items to be found in the collection of Newport Museum

10.00am at the Museum

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Newport Museum & Art Gallery are members of The British Association of Friends of Museums


Who are the Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery (FoNMAG)?

FoNMAG is an independent group. The Friends’ role is one of SUPPORT for the cultural provision of Newport Museum and Art Gallery provided by Newport Council. The Friends’ Association supports the preservation, presentation and development of the collections of the Newport Museum and Art Gallery in cooperation with its management and staff. We aim to promote awareness of, and stimulate interest in, Newport Museum and Art Gallery within the community.

Why does Newport Museum and Art Gallery deserve your support?

Newport Museum and Art Gallery was founded over 125 years ago and its collections cover the City of Newport as well as the preserved county of Gwent and present day Monmouthshire. Newport Museum and Art Gallery has undergone difficult times in the past few years and unfortunately, the situation is only going to worsen, with crippling local government cuts set to hit Wales over the coming years.

What will you receive by becoming a member?

Each year the committee set in place an events programme which will cover both historical and art related subjects (Click here). At present it is intended that there shall be eight talks per year, although there is always the possibility of additional events being added.  There will also be Summer walks and visits. The committee look forward to welcoming you at our next gathering and getting to know others that share our commitment to the region's heritage.

The Display of John Frost's Gravestone

In 2020, John Frost’s gravestone was donated to Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The gravestone was in very poor condition and needed to be conserved before it could be put on public display. With funding from the Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery the gravestone was cleaned and stabilised ready for exhibition.

John Frost was buried with his son Henry Hunt Frost and wife Mary at Horfield Church in Bristol. Historian, Richard Frame initially struggled to find the gravestone, as so much of the inscription had flaked off. What was surviving was barely legible. To interpret the gravestone, the missing words needed to be filled in. With no record of the complete gravestone, Newport Museum consulted gravestone expert, Andrew Pike to advise on the original wording. Reconstruction artist, Anne Leaver was then commissioned to draw the gravestone with the probable wording ghosted in to help interpretation.

The next major challenge was to safely mount the gravestone, which was very heavy. A reinforced stud wall was constructed, and a bespoke metal bracket was made to hold the gravestone securely in place. The display was finished with a perspex screen to prevent inquisitive fingers touching the fragile inscription.

Representing the Rising : Chartism and Art in Newport

David Osmond and Ray Stroud

This is a full colour catalogue of an exhibition curated by FoNMAG members Ray Stroud and David Osmond in partnership with Newport Museum and Art Gallery. Representing the Rising depicts Newport’s 1839 Chartist Uprising as captured by artists past and present, exploring the contemporary scene, portraiture and commemoration, pulling together work from the Museum’s impressive Chartist art collection alongside significant loans and reproductions.  It can be read and enjoyed in its own right, even if you haven't seen the exhibition itself.

£10.00 (including UK p+p) Available from www.sixpointscardiff.com

All profits from sales go to FoNMAG

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